Le Grand Retournement (The Great Reversal)


2012 French Comedy
Release date : January 23. 2013
Directed by : Gérard MORDILLAT
Starring : Jacques WEBER, François MOREL, Edouard BAERT
Original Soundtrack by : Eliott COVRIGARU (Cristal PUBLISHING)


Plot :


It is the crisis, the stock market tumbles, banks are on the brink of bankruptcy, the credit is dead, the economy dies … To save their bets, bankers involve the state. The state who was hated is suddenly the savior! citizens pay for the system continues, the rich stay rich, the poor poorer.
Adapted from the Frederic Lordon’s piece, this story is told in classic Alexandrian. It is tragic like Racine, and like a Molière’s comedy.



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