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Yan Volsy is a sound engineer, supervisor and a composer. He worked on many audiovisual and scenic projects, from theatre to interactive installation and video games, advertising… 
He mainly collaborates with famous and skilled production companies like Folimage, Vivement Lundi, Les Films de l’Arlequin, Les Trois Ours, Papy 3D…

Yan is an autodidact and instinctive composer. His musical world is at the same time naïve, melancholic, with jazz, neo-classic or neo-pop inspirations. He likes small musical ensembles and prioritizes the timbre of musical instruments. He often joins electronic sounds to that ensemble.

In 2011 he received the SACEM prize of music in the Clermont-Ferrand festival for the movie “m’Echapper de son Regard”. In 2014, his work was reward by the music prize of the Animation Festival of Paris for the film “Le vélo de l’Eléphant”. At the National festival of animation movies by Bruz, he received the SACEM prize of music for “Beach Flags”.